Leash Law Imposed in Menemsha After Complaints About Dogs

15, leashes are now mandatory. Posted by Louisa Hufstader (Editor) , July 29, 2013 at 08:01 AM Bringing the dogs to Menemsha this summer? They’ll need to be leashed in public places. (Patch file photo) Loading… Next Previous Slideshow Download Dogs in Menemsha may no longer go off-leash in public during the summer months: Chilmark selectmen recently voted to impose a seasonal leash law specifically for its picturesque and popular fishing port.
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Abused pit bull rescued by Culver City Police gets second chance at new life (Photos)

Please help the dogs at Clovis New Mexico Animal Shelter find homes

The appreciation and admiration for the Culver City Police Department has been quite obvious on the department’s Facebook page: “Amy Ferguson Wolf Wow! Amazing! My admiration and respect to you guys. We hear so many awful stories on the news of police officers shooting dogs that meant them no harm, especially pit bulls. Thank you so much for saving this one. The world won’t change because of this one dog you saved, but you changed the one dog’s world.
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Asian Origins of Native American Dogs Confirmed

Influx into B.C. of ‘rescue dogs’ from other countries stirs debate over pet adoption

Suzie Spitfyre

In fact, American dog breeds trace their ancestry to ancient Asia, Savolainen says. These native breeds have 30 percent or less modern replacement by European dogs, he says. “Our results confirm that American dogs are a remaining part of the indigenous American culture, which underscores the importance of preserving these populations,” he says. Savolainen’s research group, in cooperation with colleagues in Portugal, compared mitochondrial DNA from Asian and European dogs, ancient American archaeological samples, and American dog breeds, including Chihuahuas, Peruvian hairless dogs and Arctic sled dogs. They traced the American dogs’ ancestry back to East Asian and Siberian dogs, and also found direct relations between ancient American dogs and modern breeds.
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On the one hand, we celebrate anyone who has compassion and empathy for an animal, Cartwright said. Where it becomes conflictual for us is: What are we doing with the animals already here in Canada and can we get that problem solved? Even those concerned about the impact of foreign rescue dogs in B.C. and Canada concede its a complicated matter. For one thing, nobody knows how many foreign rescue dogs are arriving. No federal or provincial agency keeps tabs on furry immigrants. Foreign rescue dogs are becoming more popular in this province, according to B.C.-based rescue groups.
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Stray Dog, Girlie, Finds New Home After Living At Power Plant (PHOTOS)

stray dog girlie

With patience and compassion, Kara slowly earned Girlie’s trust. It was apparent to Kara, who has two agility dogs, that Girlie possessed an innate desire to be around humans, even though her feral nature made her wary. A Blind Lab And Her Seeing-Eye Chihuahua Seek A Home As Girlie began to reach maturity, Kara worried about the dog getting impregnated by some of the intact male dogs she saw running around. She doubled her efforts to find Girlie a home, but experienced difficulty finding an adopter. With two dogs of her own, as well as a cat, and lacking the appropriate accommodations to introduce a wild dog into home life, Kara herself could not take the dog in.
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Accused dog shooter sentenced to nearly 23 years in prison for federal firearms violations

Raymone Clements, 42, fought back tears and expressed sympathy for the bull mastiff, which survived two gunshot wounds. A Solon woman later adopted the dog, named it Forrest and nursed it back to health. Clements professed to being a dog lover and denied being the shooter, placing the blame on a friend. “I’m sorry about the dog. I really am,” Clements told U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent during a half-hour sentencing hearing in federal court.
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$350, Min Pin Puppies

Police puppies named by son of officer killed in line of duty

They puppies were born on May 27th. They are black W/ tan markings, purebred, standard size. Both parents are on site. Tails have been docked and dew claw removed. Puppies are very active, playful,healthy. They will be ready to take home 7/14.
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The suite will be used for kennelling the brood bitches who deliver the puppies born into the Force’s breeding programme.. Top Picture (l-r) Superintendent Pat Casserly, Ben Goodlad, Helen Goodlad, Sergeant Rick Green and Inspector Lorna Meredith with two Police Dogs at the entrance to the Goodlad Suite. by Victoria Turton Email this Print this Sponsored by A litter of police puppies will be named by the son of an officer who was killed in the line of duty. Ben Goodlad has been given the job of coming up with new names for five nine-week old puppies that were born on the same day the dog suite at West Yorkshire Polices Carr Gate base was named after his dad, PC Mark Goodlad. Sgt Rick Green said: Each litter is assigned a letter of the alphabet and this one is the x litter. Im pleased that Ben has agreed to name the puppies and I will be interested to see what names he comes up with for the four boys and one girl.
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